From Picket Signs & Marches-To Bits and Bytes

How can you assure me that your level of security, will let my data reach it’s destination, without no alteration? You’ll get no casualties, my Confidentiality‘s the norm; don’t track to whack my system, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

You’ll get frustrated, in your attempts against his network….I’ll launch a SEA attack against the desk clerk; Back Track…cover my act and clear the stats; You’re in Denial Of your Service- Here’s the facts!

As security increases, my functionality decreases; watching my system go to pieces. A Non-Disclosure‘s in my leases…let’s define the boundaries; Then we can talk about completion. Which of the following is true? He has no prior knowledge of you system…but he’s a part of your crew. Is he a cracker or a Hatter? And if he is a Hatter…Why does his color even matter? Or maybe he just does it cause he’s madder; trying to gain a name is this game…and climb the ladder?

The latter is a man with no position. The former is a man that’s on a mission: He has permission.

I’m scanning and enumerating…then gaining access. The escalation of my privileges then back…YES!!