y’all dudes are not willing to,

deal with the pressure we be feeling.

Popping glocks and hiding hands,

I just don’t understand,

how that can ever fit into ya plan…


I’m just saying…

I feel that you just trying to make ya millions,

But you just make it harder for our children.


still gotta walk the city streets,


still gotta see,

the same cop you shot when he clock in to his beat. justifiedblog

Now the force is bringing heat to the homies ya section,

All because the homie’s got a different skin complexion.

They don’t care enough they’re just trying to win elections,

Trying to put a wall between the brothers and the mex’cans.


is the questions that you ask us,

when you see it’s crooked cops trying to blast us!

Like a life that’s headed straight into disaster

Feeling helpless as we watch it moving past us…..

Black lives matter,

like White lives matter,

like All lives matter,

you can miss me with the chatter.

Turn the other cheek while they’re moving up the ladder

The reality I see,

is our mother’s getting sadder.

I try to hold my tears while I look into her eyes

asking God

why’d her son have to die?

I’m for praying for the crooked cops,

to stop the killings in our hoods,

what they’re calling justified ain’t understood!


Como su casa no hay dos

CAM00443Como su casa no hay dos!

And that’s to say, there’s no place like the local loop back address. Get it?

Are you one of us who, when long ago was presented with the choice of whether to take the blue pill or the red pill. who, unwittingly, however unabashedly, chose to take the red pill? The problem with the red pill is that no one ever really warned us that the rabbit hole was truly the matrix- a dystopian future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality. I get that “now”. But I didn’t get that long ago when I chose to take the red pill. So what do we do? We step out of the matrix just long enough to visit reality outside of a simulation of sorts. CAM00440 Because who are we fooling, in the end we all go here right? None of us are immortal to the pain of suffering- old age, sickness, and death. It’s one of the
Four Noble Truths . But we were also shown a way out of the the matrix. An end to the rabbit hole.  So I had to step away from the simulation, pull back from the matrix….

CAM00442And I found that there is life on the other side of the rabbit hole. We just have to make a conscious decision to embrace it. People will tell you- “No, stay in the matrix. Live there. Don’t come here. You’re better off where you’re at”. I can only fathom that they have the slightest clue just “how deep the rabbit hole is”.

CAM00441You’re not forced to take the blue pill. Likewise, if you’ve already ingested the blue pill- wake up.

Wake up to the possibility of freedom. Liberation. The grass is greener on the other side. There’s life here! Come look. See. Feel. Experience it for yourself. Live it for those who no longer have that option.


But don’t forget your initial reason (outside of an undying desire “to know how things work”) that you even considered taking the red pill to begin with. You wanted to escape the blissful ignorance of illusion. We resisted the blue pill because we didn’t want the story to end. And thus we embraced the painful truth of reality and are now fully aware of the true nature of the matrix.20160620_120200

PART951466526591550So yeah, when I say, “como su casa no hay dos”- there’s no place like home. I mean that. Tejas. Ciudad del ángel. The Dead Spot.

Lleno de mis amigos y mi familia. Ya no tengo enemigos en cualquier parte. The only visible enemy is the one I see in the mirror. And now the question is no longer “are you” pero “cuando”. Cuando está viniendo a casa? And the line of questions continue- “Por qué está viniendo a casa?”



CAM00452Well, it’s simple. Para vivir! To rebuild all that I had a hand in destroying.

CAM0045320160619_140800Como su casa no hay dos!

De vez y cuando I pose the question to myself- “If I had it all over to do again, which pill would I choose to take?” On the one hand you have the opportunity to end it all, cross over to the other shore and be with those whom you love so dearly and who have themselves crossed over. CAM00458

On the other, the choice is to stay here on this cipher, continue on being shown just how deep the rabbit hole is. Stay. Fight. Teach. Lead. Be a light for those who’re still looking for a way out of the darkness. A glimmer of hope for those who must believe that there is a way to end the suffering. In the end, I’m perfectly content with my decision to take the red pill. I do not try to even bend the spoon. Eso es imposible. Instead, I only try to realize the Truththere is no spoon. And with this truth comes the realization that it is not the spoon that bends, my friends….it is only myself!20160619_160340

If there’s a Facebook in heaven…

Buddha statue

If there’s a Facebook in heaven….. well, mom, I know that you’re following me. (Hello, I can see my followers). With that being said, I think it’s only right that I be the first one to tell you feliz cumpleanos, mamita’. Happy Birthday! We love and miss you. I’m sure that you have a lot of partying ahead of ya when you guys get out of church this morning so I’ll let you get back to it. Tell everyone that I said, “what’s up?”. Ya me voy. Las nietas se despiertan. Besos…..

Will exam results decide our fate?

What started as an assignment for my Public Speaking course turned into an opportunity for me to quote what I feel is one of the most inspirational spoken word pieces of our generation. For short it’s called Exam Results by Suli Breaks. This is a message that speaks to and for an entire generation of students of all walks and ages who struggle with the stress of trying to make the grade, feeling that otherwise they’re future and place in society is useless. On the other hand, it also addresses the society and parents who hold these unrealistic standards over their children’s head. Enjoy….

The Three Jewels

The pot, the soil, and the water.

These are the three components that are crucial to the overall growth and development of the plant. The pot is the plants underlying temporary environment. The place where it is to be molded and shaped into what it will become. The soil is important because it holds the roots that provide support and store nutrients. And just as water is the life-blood of all living things, this is equally important to the plant. Without the proper amount of water it is impossible for the plant to grow and develop successfully. Now, if I were to draw upon a synonym (hence, symbology) and liken my life to a plant that needs the pot, the soil, and the water. I can see clearly how these three components are crucial to my overall development and have been in the past.

The pot, the soil, and the water.

The pot is a container. This container for me is representative of the communities that I have been fortunate enough,
or rather,
unfortunate enough to be molded by.
Unfortunately these containers were by far, NO PLACE IDEAL
to nurture and foster the growth and development of a healthy individual.
But fortunately,
these pots have taught me some of the greatest lessons that I have sustained,
and helped me navigate through this minefield of a maze that I call a chapter in life…..
The lessons on what NOT to do.

The pot, the soil, and the water.

The soil represents my relationships. Relationships have been the soil in which I’ve grown intellectually and psychologically. I’ve had soil around me of poor quality which has only served to stunt my growth. But on the other hand….
I’ve been in the midst of a lot of good sand which has helped me grow stronger and more mature as a man.
Thus, I’m a firm believer that there can be NO REAL GROWTH,
intellectually, psychologically or otherwise without good relationships. Bad relationships are poisonous soil.

The pot, the soil, and the water.

The water represents my flexibility. Just as the plant cannot survive without water,
I know that it is impossible for me to grow and continue to strive without being flexible.
The water represents my persistence.
Just as the plant cannot grow without a persistent flow of water,
I know that it is my long term persistence to my goals that will play out and prevail in the end.
For me,
slow and steady always wins the race.

The pot, the soil, and the water.

My community.
My relationships and my persistence.
These are the three jewels which nurture my overall development. Peace….

Kung-Fu Hacking: Defining Aims & Objectives (Part 2)

  • He who hacks for blood soon finds it dripping from his own terminal.
  • He who hacks for fame and glory never stays free long enough to hear his songs of  victory sung.
  • He who hacks for gold is already blinded by the glitter and glare of his own greed, all too soon led astray by all things shiny.
  • He who hacks for sport seldom finds the network administrators in a sporting mood.
  • He who hacks for the love of  it must leave what he loves the most behind so he can dance with the one he hates the most.— The Federal Correctional System
  • But he who hacks for security cannot be led astray.

( The above is what I call “ The Hackers Six Movers ”

First of all, it must be borne in mind that training for Kung-Fu Hacking is very demanding, calling for great discipline; and discipline in this field is defined more by what you do not do rather than what you do. This art calls for great endurance, perseverance, determination, as well as time and effort. Patience must be your greatest effort. Master Kung-Fu Hackers are not borne over night. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest hackers to date have been quoted as saying that it takes at least a minimum of 10 years before one becomes adept in the art. But the result is very rewarding, and the extent of your reward depends mainly on how much “ purposeful practice and training ” you have put in. Aimless training and practice, as was stated in part one of Kung-Fu Hacking, is a huge waste of time. It is therefore helpful to have some idea of your aims and objectives.

Aims are general in nature and long-term in perspective, whereas objectives are specific and immediate. How well we have achieved our aims calls for some subjective judgement, whereas the attainment of our objectives can be determined categorically.

A major aim of Kung-Fu Hacking training, for instance, is System Security- or more so being able to secure your own systems. This ability to defend ourselves is a general asset, and has long-term benefits as more and more vulnerabilities become exploitable to the general public. Generally we do not set a specific time frame for acquiring this aim; we adopt the attitude that as long as we keep on learning, practicing, and training, we will enhance our ability to defend ourselves. As the old adage goes: “ before one can protect others he must first be able to protect himself  ”. We are clear that if we fail to defend ourselves effectively in cyber-warfare, it means that we failed in our aim. Sometimes we may set a time frame for our aim, but the period is usually reckoned in years rather than months….all the while waiting for someone to try to successfully attack our systems. ( Unless of course we hire a professional penetration team to exploit our systems in order to see where we really stand overall in the realm of security. ) Otherwise it may not be easy for us to measure objectively how well we have achieved our aim. For example, we can say that we have achieved our aim of self-defense if we can effectively defend ourselves against a single attacker; but when we are faced with a group of attackers, let’s say, a Hactivist Group that targets our organization for “ whatever reason ” , we may falter.

Hack Cup, with Kung Fu Guy

On the other hand, we may set an objective to acquire the knowledge and skills to defend ourselves against web application attacks within six months. Or from an offensive security point of view we set the objective to acquire the skills to launch successful attacks against web applications in a six month time frame. Hence, our objective is specific: for the time being we limit ourselves to defending against these types of attacks or learning how to carry out these types of attacks…leaving other types of attacks to be covered by later objectives. We can go a step further and be more specific by deciding on the types of web application attacks we want to defend against or learn to carry out. As we have set a time frame of six months, our objective is also immediate: we are not pursuing this objective indefinitely. We can easily decide whether we have achieved our objective within our set time. For example, after six months of training we can ask a few fellow hacking buddies to try to exploit our web applications using the types of attacks we have defined; or we can conversely set up a vulnerable system of our own in a virtual lab and try out these attacks ourselves.

Above all, even though aims and objectives are closely related, an appreciation of the distinction contributes to our monitoring of our Kung-Fu Hacking practice and training. Aims and objectives provide us with direction and purpose in our Kung-Fu Hacking training, thus enabling us to achieve better results more quickly.

“ Test your systems with fire and ice, sand and sea, bile and blood….before your attackers do! ”