The Employment of Secret Agents: Information is crucial to winning!!

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A few days ago a real good guy who I associate with, who I dearly respect, a very wise man had asked me if I was going to start writing about the things that I’m currently studying? The only thing that I could think was that 1. either the guy is a psychic, 2. has psychic abilities, or 3. has just a very keen sense of observation. Nice “Χ” ←( chi ) Mr. Saul.

My reply? Well given the nature of my artistic make up I really have no choice in the matter. Inspiration cannot be site-mapped! ≡ When something is your passion it inevitably shines throughout every aspect of your total being. You walk it, you talk it, you eat it, you LIVE IT. And guess what….?? You love it!


  1. The first rule of data collection: Every commander ←( if you will? ) must organize reconnaissance within his unit’s zone of activities.
  2. The second rule of data collection: Much of what you need to know is already known. STOP! “ I already know what you’re thinking about assumptions. ” But keep in mind, the key assumption of intelligence is that an impression of what is not known can be pieced together by studying what is known. 

“ Now, the reason that the enlightened sovereign and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is that they have foreknowledge. This ‘ foreknowledge ‘ cannot be elicited from spirits, nor from gods, nor by analogy with past events, nor by any deductive calculations. It must be obtained from the men who know the enemy situation. ”

The Year Of The Dragon Is Upon Us: How to Rule The Industry And Have A Rocking Time Doing It!

I know the headline is long. My bad. Bear with me: It’s love. ≥ I first of all have to give it up for my peeps one time . It’s beautiful at this spot, dude. Hot Spot is excellent. Wired. That’s what’s up.


Always Seek the High Ground The high ground is the strongest position.

In business, positioning is occupying a key strong point in the mind. You “ own ” position in the mind either because you are the leader or because of significant differentiation.  The worst position of all may be not having a position. That’s the problem experienced by people in the struggling brand name you’ve never heard about. In the final analysis it is the perceptions of the market that actually position the brand.

In every industry, the action of moving up in market share erodes the competitor’s base. This dysfunction forces displaced competitors to compete for lesser positions that offer even smaller profits. As market positions change, the one who captures higher ground gets the larger revenue base and all the accompanying advantages. Similarly, the loser’s losses are cumulative-negatively.

Remember: There is no necessary advantage in numbers. Do not rush forward rashly, but if you calculate the forces of the enemy and then arrange your own strength accordingly you will win. But those who underrate a foe will certainly finish up as prisoner.

Oh yeah, in case you missed it. Open-Source forever!

Want To Convince Potential Allies? Speak Of Intere$t, Never Reason!

No matter where you work, you are not an employee. You are in a business with one employer: yourself-in competition with millions of similar businesses worldwide…Nobody owes you a career_you own it as a sole proprietor. And the key to survival is to learn to add more value every day. –Andrew Grove

Gain The Mental Advantage

Understand that there are psychological factors that affect human resources.  Opportunities for victory are found in the mental capacity of the leader to integrate strategy (planning) and tactics (execution). The ultimate responsibility for victory or defeat lies with the leader, not because the leader must do everything, but because he or she must have the mental capacity and provide the means to translate sound strategy into successful tactics.

Make no mistake about it, the mental advantage is achieved through surprise. . You must generate a mismatch by getting inside your adversary’s …. (now take a deep breath here) observation-orientation-decision-action time cycle. Understand: By the your adversary observes what he or she thinks you are doing, becomes oriented to it, decides what to do, and takes action, “ it ” will be too late! ” The Heartz Of Man ” ( produced by Luke Bredin of SPMtracks ) by Peta-Loc
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