The Value Of Speed

Thus, while we have heard of stupid haste in war, we have not yet seen a clever operation that was prolonged. There has never been a case in which a prolonged war has benefited a country. –Sun Tzu

Let’s face it. Speed pays off. Slowness rarely wins the game. ( Pause: Of course there are very notable exceptions to this. ) Moving with deliberate speed is more important in the age of online marketing and advertisement. Just think about how blogs work for a second in the context of speed. Blogs can build a rumor into a reality-and if not addressed quickly, these false claims take on an aura of truth. On the other hand, a blog can be used to build the mystique of a product or an idea. Point? Speed is an offensive weapon. Use it:

  1. To reach your market
  2. To organize decision making
  3. To gain actionable intelligence quickly

How is this done? Simple. Create A Sense Of Urgencey.

A sense of urgency drives results. This is obvious in times of national emergencies and crisis such as terrorist attacks and/or natural disasters. In the digital word per se we rarely have such galvanizing events. But…where there is a will, yep’….you got it; there are still many ways to create a sense of urgency. Here’s two:

  1. A competitive threat- You can use the growth of a competitive rival as a call to action for your staff and to build a sense of urgency for creating change in the workplace.
  2. Customer data and stories- If you don’t have customers, you won’t have a business. Trend data on customer satisfaction can build urgency for creating change in your products or services that the customers will see. Most employees know that the customers are important. This isn’t rocket science but, without your customers, bud, you would not have a job to come to everyday. Use your customers to communicate to your staff. It will have more impact than if you say those things yourself.

In Summary

Move quickly when opportunity arises.

Prepare for opportunities to enable speed.

Deliberate preparation enables speedy action.

Hire Skilled Commanders To Increase Your Odds Of Winning

“ A skilled commander is able to select the right men and exploit the situation. He who takes advantage of the situation uses his men in fighting as rolling logs or rocks. It is the nature of logs and rocks to stay stationary on the flat ground and to roll forward on a slope.

After being online for almost a year now,  ( note: that isn’t a typo; I’ve only maintained an online identity so to speak for a time span of less than 365 days. Bologna you say? No, it’s true. Go ahead, run your scans, do your research- whois, DNS, netmaps and what not- you’ll see. Don’t approach it too technical if you’re not that type of character; remember, Google, Yahoo, Bing can be your best friend in situations of such. The info’s available all the way down to the CName’s for Loced-Out Recordz. If you really want to get down and dirty with it I’m certain it can get even more gangsta when it comes to attaining the information. Recall, I’m an HTC Hero. ) one thing I came to realize rather quickly is…that…THIS SHIT IS WAR! Wait, what is that I hear you saying underneathe your breath? “Peta-Loc, make peace not war. ” My response? It’s sounds good. Who doesn’t want peace? Is it probable? Yeah. With a worldwide collective effort sure, I think the human population can pull it off. Is it practical? That my friend is for you, the individual to decide. Look at it this way and maybe we can get on the same page here. I, along with I’m sure 85% of independent artist made their entry point into the world of social networking (post MySpace era) via Facebook. Who wouldn’t? Fans everywhere, right? Check it:   It’s that simple my friend. THIS SHIT ONLINE IS WAR! However, this post isn’t so much about war as it is about hiring skilled commanders so…let’s get to the point.

Approach the industry as if you’re on the battlefield and note that throughout military and business history, small outnumbered armies have succeeded against much bigger foes. The American Civil War. Full of such stories. During the early years of the war, the Southern generals won victories against the more numerous and better-equipped Northern troops. They won because of their greater skills- daring tactics, skilled maneuvering, and…A SENSE OF WHEN TO TAKE A RISK. This is where skilled commanders come into play. And when searching for skilled commanders be mindful that the strength of the status quo frequently outweighs the need to take measured risks. But quite naturally, “ the least gifted commanders are usually the most political. ” ( Go figure. ) Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for skilled commanders:

  1. Develop Your Leaders- The greater complexity of business decisions on/off-line (and the greater breadth of knowledge required of business leaders) makes developing employees increasingly important. We count on key people not just to solve problems, but to identify when to bring in additional resources. Managers need to assess and fix problems and know when they need help. In part because competitive situations can change very quickly, and in part because businesses are under greater scrutiny.
  2. Stretch Jobs- Research shows that peak learning experiences happen in jobs where people are challenged to work outside their comfort level and learn new things. The right amount of stress creates a positive stress- the stress of successfully negotiating your way through some unfamiliar territory.
  3. New Roles- If you are a stable organization with seasoned employees, allowing people to switch roles temporarily can be a low-risk way to teach people new things- and to improve communications within your organization.  Think about it: You will also be cultivating employees who have a more holistic view of your organization and bring out-of-the box thinking to different areas of your organization. ( For your own career, look for jobs that give you some new experience. Careers that provide new learnings…don’t always look for the next promotion.
  4. Mentoring- Most of us have learned our craft from a few select people. Training and mentoring experiences can provide needed learning. Most effectively when done by fellow comrades  or experienced maestros who understand the organization and can make the training immediately relevant.
  5. Make The Most of Your Team- Don’t ever assume you will have exactly the team you want. Any team you manage will always have some shortcomings. ( Even your TIGER TEAM. ) The skillful manager gets the right people in the key positions and makes all of the people around him or her better through setting clear objectives and providing training and development.

In summary: Help your employees build new skills, Give your people peak experiences, Look for peak experiences for yourself.


The Year Of The Dragon Is Upon Us: How to Rule The Industry And Have A Rocking Time Doing It!

I know the headline is long. My bad. Bear with me: It’s love. ≥ I first of all have to give it up for my peeps one time . It’s beautiful at this spot, dude. Hot Spot is excellent. Wired. That’s what’s up.


Always Seek the High Ground The high ground is the strongest position.

In business, positioning is occupying a key strong point in the mind. You “ own ” position in the mind either because you are the leader or because of significant differentiation.  The worst position of all may be not having a position. That’s the problem experienced by people in the struggling brand name you’ve never heard about. In the final analysis it is the perceptions of the market that actually position the brand.

In every industry, the action of moving up in market share erodes the competitor’s base. This dysfunction forces displaced competitors to compete for lesser positions that offer even smaller profits. As market positions change, the one who captures higher ground gets the larger revenue base and all the accompanying advantages. Similarly, the loser’s losses are cumulative-negatively.

Remember: There is no necessary advantage in numbers. Do not rush forward rashly, but if you calculate the forces of the enemy and then arrange your own strength accordingly you will win. But those who underrate a foe will certainly finish up as prisoner.

Oh yeah, in case you missed it. Open-Source forever!

Want To Convince Potential Allies? Speak Of Intere$t, Never Reason!

No matter where you work, you are not an employee. You are in a business with one employer: yourself-in competition with millions of similar businesses worldwide…Nobody owes you a career_you own it as a sole proprietor. And the key to survival is to learn to add more value every day. –Andrew Grove

Gain The Mental Advantage

Understand that there are psychological factors that affect human resources.  Opportunities for victory are found in the mental capacity of the leader to integrate strategy (planning) and tactics (execution). The ultimate responsibility for victory or defeat lies with the leader, not because the leader must do everything, but because he or she must have the mental capacity and provide the means to translate sound strategy into successful tactics.

Make no mistake about it, the mental advantage is achieved through surprise. . You must generate a mismatch by getting inside your adversary’s …. (now take a deep breath here) observation-orientation-decision-action time cycle. Understand: By the your adversary observes what he or she thinks you are doing, becomes oriented to it, decides what to do, and takes action, “ it ” will be too late! ” The Heartz Of Man ” ( produced by Luke Bredin of SPMtracks ) by Peta-Loc
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Plan Surprise: The Ultimate # Follow Friday

Blend sublety and secrecy to keep the competitor confused so he knows neither where to attack nor defend…..

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And last but definitely not least


Deception Is Always Targeted At The Competitor – ( Remember Mark W. Schaefer? )

Attention Hip-Hop Community: Never utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer for your marketing needs. He believes that we’re not critical thinkers. 

First of all, let me ask you this: Do you guys remember when I stated this in one of my previous post?

“Deceive Your Competitor: Deception is always targeted at the competitor; NEVER the fan or customer Practice secrecy. This forces your competitor to second guess your next move. The bigger you are, the more psychologically threatened the unknown becomes to your opponent. The only thing better than having your opponent not know what you are doing is to have him or her think you are planning to do something entirely different from what you really intend to do. This is deception.”

Well, I’d now like to point out to you the practical use of deception. When I’d first posted the previous article about it being wise to know who one is blogging about, many of you wrote me off as a lunatic. Exactly as I’d supposed you would.  . I mean, come on, now….why wouldn’t you? Here’s this guy, a miserly little  hip-hop artist at that, and he’s shooting shots at a guy that you all know and love real well – Mr. Mark W. Schaefer. So the question then becomes: What on God’s green earth was Peta-Loc thinking?? Now I normally don’t do what I am about to do; which is reveal the thought process behind any of my executed moves. I truly believe deep down in my heart of hearts that anyone who actually “ gets ” Peta-Loc, they had already deciphered the move once it had been played. For all of you who didn’t nor still don’t, here’s a tid bit of insight. Rather, an interpretation.

Soooo….why would I have the audacity to post an article that took shots at Mr. Schaefer? Here goes, listen carefully. At the time that the post was written I’d already undergone a few changes and vowed to make a few adjustments as an artist. I’ve only been back online approximately a one year. Furthermore, no matter how hard it is for some people to admit the fact that they pay attention when I say something , the truth is that people do listen. The streets are always watching so to speak. By me having awareness of that fact, as an independent artist I realize how important it is for me to throw as much dust in my competitors eyes as possible. Let’s say you’re my competitor and you’re following me to copy me. You like my style and your strategy is to infiltrate the people in or within the reach of my cipher. When I make a declaration like : Attention Hip-Hop Community: Never utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer for your marketing needs. He believes that we’re not critical thinkers.  and you are not my true fan/customer, in the end my mission has been accomplished! How so? If I can get my competitors to buy into that declaration then isn’t it obvious after they choose to not utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer….then I no longer have  to worry about my competition if I so choose to utilize Mr. Schaefer’s services?

 Be convinced, that there are no persons so insignificant and  inconsiderable, but may, some time or other, have it in their power to be of use to you; which they certainly will not, if you have once shown them contempt. Wrongs are often forgiven, but contempt never is. Our pride remembers it for ever. ( Lord Chesterfield, 1694-1773)

Choose A Favorable Battleground

In one of my recent post  I stated that we must know our battlefields. Well, the more I thought of this post I decided that that particular post should be the point in guerrilla science where we  have to slow the pace of our execution. The reason being is that the knowledge of one’s battlefield goes very deep. We’d be here forever discussing that. Not that you’d be concerned with time ( remember; you’ve already made time your ally ), it’s just that you have to be clear about your goals at this point. Why so? Simple. We’re at the “ Point Of No Return. ”

In any event, knowing our battleground alone is not enough. We must also choose the battleground that is most favorable to us. So the question then becomes: how do we go about discovering new marketing battlegrounds? For the sake of conversation, I’ll use Pfizer as an example. Years ago, to discover new markets, Pfizer would organize its drug-discovery teams to pursue the development of drugs for every major disease. It built speed into the process so that its drug-discovery teams needed less than one-third of the industry’s average person-years to move a compound from conception to clinical trials. When they once found themselves in a race with a Japanese company for an Alzheimer’s drug similar to theirs, they opted to drop research and form a more favorable ” joint ” venture so they could co-market the drug. Imagine how easy and profitable, not to sleep on convenient, it would be to team up with someone online who has already occupied your chosen field of battle and compliment off of one another’s expertise and skills. Two heads are better than one. I used Pfizer as an example because their strategic move is equally applicable to many different ventures. The important thing is that we be creative when searching for our battlegrounds.   

Remember: The most favorable battleground is one where you can concentrate your resources profitably with minimal competition. To “ control ” the battleground, you must offer a distinctive differentiation and the customer must desire that differentiation. Otherwise, you are just another player in a low-margin commodity market.

As always fans and friends…It’s love!