Will exam results decide our fate?

What started as an assignment for my Public Speaking course turned into an opportunity for me to quote what I feel is one of the most inspirational spoken word pieces of our generation. For short it’s called Exam Results by Suli Breaks. This is a message that speaks to and for an entire generation of students of all walks and ages who struggle with the stress of trying to make the grade, feeling that otherwise they’re future and place in society is useless. On the other hand, it also addresses the society and parents who hold these unrealistic standards over their children’s head. Enjoy….

The Black Bin Laden

Conquest is easy. Control is not.—Khan Noonian Singh

Stay on the lookout for the terrorist Mr. L-O-C, all I need is some dip, and a couple o’ sticks of T.N.T. To bring this mutha fucker down like four flat tires, 86ing is my mission….dismissing tricks for hire. No mercy on the lives that got took off in that quake, diesel fuel and fertilizer, will make ah’ nigga block shake. Starting playing with nines, them moved to something bigger, now I’m working through the miz-ail…bombing on deliver.

Slightly seal the package, then I set the timer…I’m the SA-Town Assassin, worldwide Unabomber. Just a little off my rocker, conceived as a menace, I’m a loc until I die, til’ that day I’m never finished. Take my work to College Hills, perform it on your daughter..when I fall up out ya hood it’s gon’ look like Pearl Harbor. Bentwood and Pinehurst…you ho’s better run; C & C Estates, Southwest here I come!


Niggaz struggle in my hood, but y’all don’t give a fuck, so the whole Concho Valley…Tom Green better duck. Everybody with authority, get out my way- City Hall’s coming down when I have a bad day. The county jail and the courthouse is getting is done, when I get the extra time, I’m gon’ turn that bitch to crumbs.

Forensic sketch of the Unabomber, commissioned...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hooked up with this nigga straight out of the military, who gave me what I needed, to start me an obituary. Killer, killer, killer- killing on the cool…Westside lunatic, with the mind of a Damn Fool! I’m the one that told Koresh ( David Koresh ) to go out like a scout, had em’ all in that fort yelling, “ We Ain’t Coming Out ” ! [Waco.]

Mug shot of David Koresh.

Mug shot of David Koresh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

F.B.I. tried to fade us, we put em’ on a freeze…left you pigs full of holes like a block of cottage cheese. You tried to burn us up, and thought you killed Koresh, but you didn’t cause he’s living deeply planted in my flesh. Schizophrenically insane, a

Charles Manson

Charles Manson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charles Manson figure, the only difference is he’s a whacker…and I’m a real nigga! Daily chances for survival, is getting kinda slim, I’m the nation’s most wanted; BKA- double M. That lic that happened in that Luby’s in Killeen wasn’t it, but that Oklahoma bombing was the mutha fucking SHIT! When it comes to pulling murders, I’ll always hold the title, Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer during an interview for Datelin...

Jeffrey Dahmer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is my nigga,


JOIN THE CULT (Photo credit: wayneandwax)

Jim Jones is my idol. In the body form I’m one, personality I’m two, they tried to lock me up in Rush, they tried to lock me up in Skyview. But they couldn’t hold me, cause I was bringing noise…let my conscience get me crunk like the

Last photo of John Gotti, taken by the Bureau ...

Last photo of John Gotti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Gotti Boys.

I’m hungry for destruction, that’s the reason why I’m agg, every prison in this country’s getting dropped to the slab. Hold a grudge against society, that’s how I am….a Young Nigga with a complex that doesn’t give a damn. Schizophrenically insane. Stay out of my path…I reach a natural high when I hear the devils laugh. If you living then you dying, there ain’t no pity…and don’t let it slip your mind what I done in New York City to the World Trade Center! I’m the SA-Town Assassin….bitch.


Reward all those wise enough to join you, utterly crush all who oppose you and do so in so savage a manner as to completely cower any others who might dream of resisting your will.


How To Hack Into The Music Industry

It is a doctrine of war that we must not rely on the likelihood of the enemy not coming, but on our own readiness to meet him: not on the chance of his not attacking, but on the fact that we have made our position invincible- Sun Tzu

Part 1: Targeting Artist & Fans using social-engineering tactics
Sample site: Gazzmic.com

Tools: Social-Engineering Toolkit & The Harvester


When it comes to the vulnerabilities presented by the online aspects of the music industry, the opportunities for penetration tester’s to employ their skills are far and wide. However; as numerous as these opportunities may be, they are still for the most part often overlooked. And with great peril.
Think about something for a moment. When’s the last time that you or anyone that you know have gone into a brick and mortar record store and purchased the music that you felt like listening to? Why would you when you can just as well go online and obtain whatever type of music that suits your taste for free or at a far lesser price than what you’d pay at the record store? Sometimes what you pay for that music may be as simple as registering to a site and creating an account. Ta’Dah! Unlimited music. It cost you nothing. Or did it?
We’re all aware that there are computer systems floating around in cyber-space minding their own business without any human interaction. However, I personally stand on the belief that behind every active operating system online there is a human being at the other end of it. And humans my friend, are vulnerable. Human beings can be hacked. And so the story begins…If I were an attacker.

If I were an attacker and I decided to go phishing into this gigantic ocean called the music industry, here’s an example of how I could very easily put together a social-engineering scheme. We’ll take this website as our target. Mainly because I am personally okay with one of the writer’s over there. I am a die-hard fan of the Gazzmic Revolution. But more so, the entire theme of this site to me was a perfect model to use showing how easily an attacker could take just the content of the site alone and use it  against itself to craft a social-engineering scheme. (Note: Notice how in this example the actual web site was never even tampered with by the attacker. All gathered information was passive in nature.)

The attacker would be making use of only two tabs within the entire site to construct his scheme around. Namely, The Gazzmic Manifesto Tab and The Invite Code tab.

Now. Whoever wrote The Gazzmic Manifesto did one hell of a good job. That Manifesto reads brilliant. However, to an imaginative social-engineer, the attacker could very easily fire up SET in conjunction with The Harvester and have a mighty fun field day with the content and theme of this site by making use of the mass mailer attack. Here’s how the original Manifesto reads:

Now imagine an astronomical number of artist and fans being targeted with an email containing the original manifesto with the last line reconstructed to read:

Join The Gazzmic Revolution!Gazzmic is your revolution. We believe that we are on the cusp of a new Renaissance in music, made possible by web technology. Fear not the future! Join the grass-roots movement that will take on the corporate giants head-on. With your help, we can take back music for the artists and fans. That’s why we’ve exclusively chosen you as one of our artist/fans to be featured in our upcoming SKYPE interviews where you’ll have the opportunity to introduce the world to the new revolution. Remember, this is your revolution!To assist our artists/fans with claiming their exclusive spot in the revolution, we’ve created a members only access page on [NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA SITE]. This link will direct you to a custom page that we’ve created for security purposes to protect the privacy and integrity of our members. By signing into this page you will be directed to the official public page. At this point there’s nothing more to do. You’re account will be automatically created. You will receive a follow-up email asking you to confirm your account. Click here [link with attackers ip address] to begin the revolution.

( Of course, given that the victim fell for the attack, if you were an attacker the results are apparent right there inside your command terminal. If on the other hand, you were a penetration tester, depending on the scope of the penetration test, you could send follow-up emails to all of the victims containing their usernames and passwords revealing to them that their accounts have been compromised. You could even outline the details of the attack and offer tips and recommendations on how they could defend themselves from future attacks. Imagine how valuable these type of findings would  be to a music industry executive? )

Now the other part of the site that we’ll make use of is the Index Tab? I thought this was ideal because it hints at exclusivity. It plays on the psychology of the victim in such a way that it makes them feel “ chosen ”.

Here’s the original invite code presented along with the same message reconstructed by the attacker. Look here to see how the page looks on the actual site.


Now here’s the attacker’s message, mind you, presented to the victims in the form of an email:

” Invitation codes were provided in the past to select bands for testing purposes. We are no longer accepting nor using invitation codes. Instead, we have set up an exclusive screening process of all artist/bands. We will now send you an email containing the link to an exclusive page that we have created for all artist and bands located here on this [NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA SITE] Follow the link inside of the email and sign into the site using your current credentials. (Note: we’ve created an exclusive page to ensure the privacy and integrity of our members accounts. Once you log in you’ll be directed to the official public page of this social media site. At this point, there’s nothing more that you need to do. You’re account will have been automatically created for you. ) You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Music Will Never Be The Same! Click on this link [the attackers ip address] to be invited into the revolution.

Now this is just a very basic case study. It is in no way intending to point out a vulnerability in the Gazzmic Movement and what they have going over there. Nor was it meant to instruct one in the use of tools like The Social-Engineering Tool Kit. If you wish to learn more about the tool and it’s usage you can either visit the link provided at the top of this post or just Google it own your own. There’s tons of information covering it. This was just an example pointing out one of the ways an attacker could carry out a social-engineering attack in the arena of the online music industry. People love music. People love having the shot at being the star. But people are vulnerable, my friend. Humans…can be hacked!

Find more interesting topics like this one covered at The Hacker High School.


Hire Skilled Commanders To Increase Your Odds Of Winning

“ A skilled commander is able to select the right men and exploit the situation. He who takes advantage of the situation uses his men in fighting as rolling logs or rocks. It is the nature of logs and rocks to stay stationary on the flat ground and to roll forward on a slope.

After being online for almost a year now,  ( note: that isn’t a typo; I’ve only maintained an online identity so to speak for a time span of less than 365 days. Bologna you say? No, it’s true. Go ahead, run your scans, do your research- whois, DNS, netmaps and what not- you’ll see. Don’t approach it too technical if you’re not that type of character; remember, Google, Yahoo, Bing can be your best friend in situations of such. The info’s available all the way down to the CName’s for Loced-Out Recordz. If you really want to get down and dirty with it I’m certain it can get even more gangsta when it comes to attaining the information. Recall, I’m an HTC Hero. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/so-theres-a-rootkit-hidden-in-millions-of-cellphones/16708?tag=nl.e539 ) one thing I came to realize rather quickly is…that…THIS SHIT IS WAR! Wait, what is that I hear you saying underneathe your breath? “Peta-Loc, make peace not war. ” My response? It’s sounds good. Who doesn’t want peace? Is it probable? Yeah. With a worldwide collective effort sure, I think the human population can pull it off. Is it practical? That my friend is for you, the individual to decide. Look at it this way and maybe we can get on the same page here. I, along with I’m sure 85% of independent artist made their entry point into the world of social networking (post MySpace era) via Facebook. Who wouldn’t? Fans everywhere, right? Check it: http://www.rafayhackingarticles.net/2011/11/facebook-phishing-scams-at-its-best.html   It’s that simple my friend. THIS SHIT ONLINE IS WAR! However, this post isn’t so much about war as it is about hiring skilled commanders so…let’s get to the point.

Approach the industry as if you’re on the battlefield and note that throughout military and business history, small outnumbered armies have succeeded against much bigger foes. The American Civil War. Full of such stories. During the early years of the war, the Southern generals won victories against the more numerous and better-equipped Northern troops. They won because of their greater skills- daring tactics, skilled maneuvering, and…A SENSE OF WHEN TO TAKE A RISK. This is where skilled commanders come into play. And when searching for skilled commanders be mindful that the strength of the status quo frequently outweighs the need to take measured risks. But quite naturally, “ the least gifted commanders are usually the most political. ” ( Go figure. ) Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for skilled commanders:

  1. Develop Your Leaders- The greater complexity of business decisions on/off-line (and the greater breadth of knowledge required of business leaders) makes developing employees increasingly important. We count on key people not just to solve problems, but to identify when to bring in additional resources. Managers need to assess and fix problems and know when they need help. In part because competitive situations can change very quickly, and in part because businesses are under greater scrutiny.
  2. Stretch Jobs- Research shows that peak learning experiences happen in jobs where people are challenged to work outside their comfort level and learn new things. The right amount of stress creates a positive stress- the stress of successfully negotiating your way through some unfamiliar territory.
  3. New Roles- If you are a stable organization with seasoned employees, allowing people to switch roles temporarily can be a low-risk way to teach people new things- and to improve communications within your organization.  Think about it: You will also be cultivating employees who have a more holistic view of your organization and bring out-of-the box thinking to different areas of your organization. ( For your own career, look for jobs that give you some new experience. Careers that provide new learnings…don’t always look for the next promotion.
  4. Mentoring- Most of us have learned our craft from a few select people. Training and mentoring experiences can provide needed learning. Most effectively when done by fellow comrades  or experienced maestros who understand the organization and can make the training immediately relevant.
  5. Make The Most of Your Team- Don’t ever assume you will have exactly the team you want. Any team you manage will always have some shortcomings. ( Even your TIGER TEAM. ) The skillful manager gets the right people in the key positions and makes all of the people around him or her better through setting clear objectives and providing training and development.

In summary: Help your employees build new skills, Give your people peak experiences, Look for peak experiences for yourself.



Want To Convince Potential Allies? Speak Of Intere$t, Never Reason!

No matter where you work, you are not an employee. You are in a business with one employer: yourself-in competition with millions of similar businesses worldwide…Nobody owes you a career_you own it as a sole proprietor. And the key to survival is to learn to add more value every day. -Andrew Grove

Gain The Mental Advantage

Understand that there are psychological factors that affect human resources.  Opportunities for victory are found in the mental capacity of the leader to integrate strategy (planning) and tactics (execution). The ultimate responsibility for victory or defeat lies with the leader, not because the leader must do everything, but because he or she must have the mental capacity and provide the means to translate sound strategy into successful tactics.

Make no mistake about it, the mental advantage is achieved through surprise. http://petalocsta.com/2011/10/29/plan-surprise-the-ultimate-follow-friday/ . You must generate a mismatch by getting inside your adversary’s …. (now take a deep breath here) observation-orientation-decision-action time cycle. Understand: By the your adversary observes what he or she thinks you are doing, becomes oriented to it, decides what to do, and takes action, “ it ” will be too late! http://www.gazzmic.com/blogarchive/11-10-21/How_Frequently_Should_a_Musician_Engage_with_Fans.aspx?CntPageID=1

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F26662553 ” The Heartz Of Man ” ( produced by Luke Bredin of SPMtracks ) by Peta-Loc
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Plan Surprise: The Ultimate # Follow Friday

Blend sublety and secrecy to keep the competitor confused so he knows neither where to attack nor defend…..

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And last but definitely not least


Deception Is Always Targeted At The Competitor – ( Remember Mark W. Schaefer? )

Attention Hip-Hop Community: Never utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer for your marketing needs. He believes that we’re not critical thinkers. http://www.locedoutrecordz.com/2011/10/know-who-youre-blogging-aboutdo-not.html 

First of all, let me ask you this: Do you guys remember when I stated this in one of my previous post?

“Deceive Your Competitor: Deception is always targeted at the competitor; NEVER the fan or customer Practice secrecy. This forces your competitor to second guess your next move. The bigger you are, the more psychologically threatened the unknown becomes to your opponent. The only thing better than having your opponent not know what you are doing is to have him or her think you are planning to do something entirely different from what you really intend to do. This is deception.” http://petalocsta.com/2011/09/28/5-different-ways-of-maneuvering-through-the-independent-music-scene/

Well, I’d now like to point out to you the practical use of deception. When I’d first posted the previous article about it being wise to know who one is blogging about, many of you wrote me off as a lunatic. Exactly as I’d supposed you would.  http://www.locedoutrecordz.com/2011/10/know-who-youre-blogging-aboutdo-not.html  . I mean, come on, now….why wouldn’t you? Here’s this guy, a miserly little  hip-hop artist at that, and he’s shooting shots at a guy that you all know and love real well – Mr. Mark W. Schaefer. So the question then becomes: What on God’s green earth was Peta-Loc thinking?? Now I normally don’t do what I am about to do; which is reveal the thought process behind any of my executed moves. I truly believe deep down in my heart of hearts that anyone who actually “ gets ” Peta-Loc, they had already deciphered the move once it had been played. For all of you who didn’t nor still don’t, here’s a tid bit of insight. Rather, an interpretation.

Soooo….why would I have the audacity to post an article that took shots at Mr. Schaefer? Here goes, listen carefully. At the time that the post was written I’d already undergone a few changes and vowed to make a few adjustments as an artist. I’ve only been back online approximately a one year. Furthermore, no matter how hard it is for some people to admit the fact that they pay attention when I say something , the truth is that people do listen. The streets are always watching so to speak. By me having awareness of that fact, as an independent artist I realize how important it is for me to throw as much dust in my competitors eyes as possible. Let’s say you’re my competitor and you’re following me to copy me. You like my style and your strategy is to infiltrate the people in or within the reach of my cipher. When I make a declaration like : Attention Hip-Hop Community: Never utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer for your marketing needs. He believes that we’re not critical thinkers. http://www.locedoutrecordz.com/2011/10/know-who-youre-blogging-aboutdo-not.html  and you are not my true fan/customer, in the end my mission has been accomplished! How so? If I can get my competitors to buy into that declaration then isn’t it obvious after they choose to not utilize the services of Mark W. Schaefer….then I no longer have  to worry about my competition if I so choose to utilize Mr. Schaefer’s services?

 Be convinced, that there are no persons so insignificant and  inconsiderable, but may, some time or other, have it in their power to be of use to you; which they certainly will not, if you have once shown them contempt. Wrongs are often forgiven, but contempt never is. Our pride remembers it for ever. ( Lord Chesterfield, 1694-1773)

" 3 Rules That Govern The Variation Of Tactics In This New Music Industry "

UNDERSTAND: Strategy determines direction. The actual execution of the plan to achieve objectives is called tactics and it begins with contact. Inside your cipher, that contact may be with the development or production process of a product or service. Outside of the cipher, that contact is usually with a customer or a fan. The contact makes personal relationships an important issue in tactics and explains why tactics must vary. A the point of contact, unpredictable personal equations become part of the scenario. And while strategic principles are unchanging for all time, tactics vary with the times and circumstances and must be tuned to current situations. The best tactical school is experience. Period. REMEMBER: The key to success in this game is ” what the customer/fan wants “, not what you want. Your wants come second. http://dempseymarketing.com/journal/biggest-advantage-over-competition/
  1. Consider Tactical Options- Victory depends on your strength, which you control, and the opportunities provided by your competition, which you cannot by any means control: In the complex environment of today’s music industry, an artist may be on the offensive with one product, say a new single, and on the defensive with another i.e., selling merchandise to stay afloat financially. However, the same strategies and tactics cannot be used for all circumstances. So if for some reason you aren’t your own manager, the question then becomes ” how much time the manager should spend shoring up weaknesses as opposed to maximizing strengths ? “. The options differ depending upon whether you are attacking or defending. Keep in mind that regardless of the circumstances, the ” spirit ” of the offense must always prevail.
  2. Prepare Adequate Defenses- The best defense is a good offense: Smaller labels/brands/artist can achieve a good defense by owning very strong positions in a niche market or particle segment of a product (producers,ghostwriters) in the New Music Industry. When you own a position in the fans mind, you can hold off the bigger name artists/labels/brands in your genre. REMEMBER: Even on defense, the rule is to seek every opportunity to seize the initiative and achieve results by offensive action. When you are constantly in a defensive posture, you can seldom win. Too often, the strategy that strengthens the defense is characterized by finding some way to redesign your existing material instead of getting out in front of the trend or technology. You have to be a trend setter. The mistake is to try to serve the old market in a new way instead of going where the market is. The defensive is not achieved by producing a better remix.
    3.Avoid The Faults Of An Amateur Artist On The Internet-Flaws in the personal character of the artist will cause opportunities to be lost: Here are five flaws that every artist and manager must not exhibit. 1. Recklessness- The reckless artist or manager does not understand data. He or she shoots from the hip. They recklessly and without thought send widgets, Tweets, comments, likes, emails, ” code “, everywhere into cyber-space without the slightest thought of where it is going. Trust me on this one: It ain’t going nowhere! Your digital footprint is here to stay. 2. Cowardliness- The person who is afraid to take risk. The person who will use Twitter like it’s Facebook when he  ” isn’t ” using Facebook but for some strange reason he doesn’t even have a Linked-In account. 3. Quick-Tempered- There’s nothing worst than  trying to build a connection with someone who has a hot-head. Listen, words typed/written are text. That’s it. You can’t attach your emotions onto what another person has written. If you read it just like it’s written with no emotions behind it you’ll see that the sentence could’ve  meant tons of different things. The best practice if you feel offended, is to politely ask the person to make themselves a tid bit clearer. Trust me, you’ll get your answer. Keep a cool head. 4. Delicate Honor- This one is in conjunction with the previous one of being hot-headed. Don’t be too easily embarrassed, taking things so personally. Keep a sense of humor about yourself. Most importantly of all ” do not let your ego get in the way “. 4. Too Compassionate- This doesn’t apply to you sharing your gift with the world…FOR FREE. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should be willing to give your music away to someone, ” anyone ” who’d even be willing to listen to your music over the competitors in this Digital Age. No, that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about all of those so-called friends who’ve been hanging on your coat because at least you still have the courage to follow your dreams. I’m talking about the ones who used to help you get things done when it came time to get things done in your career. The ones that honestly, ” They’re in the way of you moving forward just by still being in the picture “. Listen, it’s lonely at the top. Everyone isn’t going to be there once you make it. So instead of not doing the honors early because you feel like this is suppose to be your BFF. Or, the ones that…if it weren’t for ”       ” then you’d never be ”   “. There’s people on your team that are in the way and the only reason they are still there is because you don’t have the heart to cut them off.

" 5 Different Ways Of Maneuvering Through The Independent Music Scene "

stoked Pictures, Images and Photos
    At the strategic level, maneuvering is a way of thinking about how you are going to act in a manner that  puts your opponent at a disadvantage. At the tactical level, maneuvering most frequently involves concentration or dispersing as you seek the most advantageous route. Without thinking about how to maneuver in today’s independent music scene, the idea of becoming successful when outnumbered is ludicrous.
    Below are 5 ways of maneuvering through the independent scene for any D.I.Y artist to implement. These have been trusted, tried, and proven to be effective all throughout history.
  1. Maneuver to Gain the Advantage: The longest way around can be the shortest route to success-  Since the easiest routes are often the most heavily defended, the longest way around can indeed be the shortest way home. The courses of action which appear most advantageous usually contain the seeds of disadvantage. The key to success is turning a circuitous route into a straight route for you alone. Granted, strategic initiatives can be either sequential or cumulative: A sequential initiative requires planned, consecutive steps to achieve success. A cumulative initiative is the result of a series of random actions piling on top of one another until at some undetermined point the critical mass is reached.
  2. Achieve the Critical Mass: Apply overwhelming force at the decisive place and time- Strategic initiatives must focus on the critical factors that give you a competitive advantage. When you have a unique enough advantage, you should be able to get 100 percent of the market. The critical mass is simply the concentration of energy required to achieve success. What counts is not only the strength of your resources, but the speed with which they are delivered. That energy concentration can be in any facet of the organization.
  3. Deceive Your Competitor: Deception is always targeted at the competitor; NEVER the fan or customer- Practice secrecy. This forces your competitor to second guess your next move. The bigger you are, the more psychologically threatened the unknown becomes to your opponent. The only thing better than having your opponent not know what you are doing is to have him or her think you are planning to do something entirely different from what you really intend to do. This is deception.
  4. Develop Effective Internal Communications: Implement ways to get messages received and understood- Effective internal communication happens as a result of a well-designed plan. This plan is organized around the understanding that all messages are not delivered in the same manner. A single method of communication is not enough; every message needs to be reinforced by using different methodologies.
  5. Gain the Mental Advantage: Understand the five psychological factors affecting human resources- 1.Attitude: A positive outlook and a cool head are the foundation of a good attitude. 2.Morale: The moral issues required in the independent music business are both the moral courage to make the right decisions and act on them, and the leadership style that helps make everyone feel good about him or herself. 3.Physical: Keep yourself physically fit and nurture a healthy business environment. 4.Adapt to Circumstances: No plan can see beyond the first engagement. Although it is important to follow the plan, it is equally important to know when and how to modify the plan. 5.Rewards: Internal motivators include profit sharing, gain sharing, glory sharing, and fame sharing. The simple pat on the back can accomplish much.
In case you missed them in the recent past post, here are the links to hear some of the latest underground sounds that I’ve been working on. I hope that this post has been helpful and I certainly hope you enjoy the sounds.

" Meet The Parentz " ( These Are The People Who Gave Birth To Hip-Hop )

It ain’t nothing but a G-thang. Since me and Cali did our thing, niggaz rap about the set  they used to  claim. It’s been all about the Benjamin’s, baby, the choice is yours. I’m about to show up at this Source Awards in a Porsche. Black sheep, sneakers on my feet. Creeping on the red carpet for my people’s in the streets. Mary J’s all I need. To get by I shine. I’m Mr. Scarface, mother fucker this is mine!
I’m the Don. I should be rapping with a Turban. And I would be but my future wasn’t certain. We were standing at the crossroads. Out of harmony with everything that’s real. Born thugs lost codes.
You don’t know what’s the scenario; we used to wear each others clothes like a tribe called Quest. But where do we go when it’s no limit soldiers and it’s no dope flowing through the corner of the city? I’m showing love to California.
You get one more chance. Stay with me, I’m like Biggie.
I graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks. I write history.
I’m a Roc-A-Fella offspring. Will they reminisce over you and your crew every time he do his thing?
I’m just trying to get the ring.
I came to this game.
I showed Mr. Peta’Loc when he was slanging cane.
I just write about this pain. There’s no hope for the attacker.
I see digits like the rain man, I should have been a hacker.
But it wasn’t in his game plan. My mind is playing tricks on me. The Feds are trying to find a new
indictment that they can stick on me.
I’m an outlaw. I’m what Rosie Parks saw…I mob deep. Outcast. I shook one…running from the narc car.
More money, more problems. I got five on it.
Shit be getting hetic in the summertime don’t it?.
Niggaz, tell me how you want it. My pocket’s are full of stones.
I’m sipping gin and juice. I’m smoking chronic to the dome.
I’m the underground king. I fiend for this cream.
Cash rules everything around me. I get the cheese.
Dear Mama, I hit them up and regulate the scene. Put your hands where ya eyes can see!
It’s L-O-C.
Come clean. I fuck a beat with no vaseline. I triumph. How many M.C.’s want to try him?
Until they finally see there ain’t no nigga like me.
We see money, cash, ho’s. What’s the sound of the police?
Running down with the kings. How about some hardcore?
It really isn’t my fault. I got caught up in this war.
I don’t think you understand this. I’m damaged!!
The Peta-Loc’s a hustler that lives by the Ten Crack Commandments.
I’m far from being Hov; I’m the baddest on the planet.
I escaped incarceration. Rhythm Nation, feel me, Janet?
I’m High. My names is….Slim-Shady’s brother.
And I didn’t get in this so I could play with mother fuckers.
Deep cover.
Hip-Hop is my bitch. I used to love her until niggaz starting fucking with that shit without no rubber.
No daddy or no mother. I’m insane in the membrane. I’m the story of a soldier from beginning until the end….Man’.
The flavor is in your ear. Protect your ear protect your neck. You and I, are U-N-I-T-Y.
Niggaz rep ya set. Make em’ say ” annnngggghhhhh “.
Murder was the case. Let me ride.
If I ruled the world what’s my name? Who am I?
I never seen a man cry until I seen a man die. Natural born killer. Po’ pimping. Do or Die. Funkdefied.
I was brought in the space age, banned in the USA. I got front back and side to side.
Chiefing hay. All I got is you. People everyday.
Dead Presidential. Politics as usual.
Brooklyn’s finest. I’ll be missing you. Welcome to the terror dome. Hate me now, I’ll carry on.
Jeeps, Lex, Coupes. Benz and Beamers. Money, power, and respect.
Shoop. Can we talk about sex? Have you seen her?
Let me clear my throat. Treat them right? Not tonight.
M.C.’s act like they don’t know that I was dope before the mic.
I’m like Super Dupa Fly. Can fools stand the rain?
Hail Mary. Do dudes know the ledge? Bring the pain.
It ain’t hard to tell that I ain’t mad atcha. Uptown anthem.
Deja’ Vu and it’s time for some action.
It’s Hip-Hop’s infamous seed. I got it won.
If Carter is the father…P-Loc is the son.
This is Hip-Hop’s infamous seed. I got it won.
If Carter is the father? P-Loc is the son.
Meet The Parents…….